Sponsorship & Fan Development for Grassroots Sports

Creating valuable and sustainable Sponsorship Offerings for grassroots clubs.


Sponsorship Solutions for the Grassroots Sports Community

We know that sports contribute to a better world and see grassroots sports as the foundational pillar of the larger community.  Youth amateur, adult and semi-professional leagues, while focused on on-the-field performance, are challenged to develop and maintain a healthy financial position; the critical issue for grassroots sports organizations. 

Huzzah Sports helps grassroots teams & clubs generate funding from a diversity of revenue streams.

Growing Healthy Clubs

Developing, maintaining and growing a healthy grassroots club can feel daunting.

 The ever-increasing costs of running teams pushes clubs to become creative, driving new value-add techniques.

 Evolving methods for improving sponsorship offerings, merchandise sales, donations, fund raisers and more must be acquired and efforts balanced against the need to painfully increase player fees. We can help.

 Technology– Technologies can improve the quality of fan interaction and expand sponsor reach which besides driving sponsorship dollars will increases ticket sales, merchandise purchases and donation receipts.

  • Sponsor-focused posts and campaigns
  • Crete value for both your fans & your spsosors 
  • Advanced application use for ongoing revenues
  • Performance analytics measuring sponsor return & value 

Training – Sponsor engagement techniques are ever changing and the need for customization is now the norm. Huzzah offers a full range of training services from package creation, to event based offerings, to advanced selling strategies and techniques.

  • Learn how to grow your social media following
  • Learn how to Increase sponsorship revenue
  • Understand key metrics that drive grassroots engagement
  • Learn how to connect with fans on their terms

 Advanced Support – Technology drives community engagement and keeping up with latest and most effective methods can be discouraging.  Let us help.

  • Audit of current position and recommendations
  • Advanced packaged & customized graphics
  • Sponsor engagement packages
  • Advanced sponsor contact solutions