Sponsor Development for Grassroots Clubs

Who We Are

Huzzah’s Mission is to create valuable and sustainable Sponsorship Offerings for grassroots clubs.

We believe anyone who wants to participate and is willing to show up should have the opportunity to play regardless of skill level, perceived limitations, or lack of funds.

We are a Minnesota based company focused on helping grassroots clubs – local soccer, rugby, hockey etc., thrive by growing revenues with sponsor development strategies / execution  and other revenue techniques and building a solid social presence for their fans. 

We are fanatics who love our teams and understand what drives their passion and know how important sponsorship opportunities are for growing clubs.

We’re partnering with the top technology and services companies focused on Grassroots Sports. Together, we can open the doors for clubs of all sizes helping build a global following connecting supporters ranging from local friends to grandmas in Florida!

We have developed sports marketing based sponsor solutions and social media training catered to small to mid-size clubs. Learning from larger sports brands and professional clubs; we’ve adapted techniques, content, and sponsorship models traditionally reserved for pro-level clubs and have made them available to the masses.

We help teams and clubs strengthen their position by deepening fan engagement and developing long lasting and mutually beneficial sponsor relationships through the advanced use of social media.

Committed to the win for all stakeholders in the grassroots sports’ world, we provide solutions that are easy to use, fan focused, and helpclubs thrive.

The Huzzah Team

Richard Scorza
Managing Partner

Rich's Bio
Rich Scorza is the founder of Huzzah Sports LLC, a Minnesota based company that is changing the way Grass Roots and Professional Sports produce their game day social media feeds. He excels at building a managing a team, start-up company growth and success with 15 years of experience.

Rich sees team sports, especially the grassroots variety, as core to the health and fabric of local communities. “Sports break down barriers, removing labels based on superficial differences and replaces them with the simple term – athlete.”

He also founded and is Managing Partner of Sports Growth Partners which focuses on early-stage disruptive sports-tech startups, helping founders and their teams achieve their goals through revenue and business development services.

Rich lives in Minneapolis with his wife Danette, dog Chester, cat Chai, and has three grown children – all artists.

Caio LaCroix
Sports Media Specialist

Caio's Bio
Caio La Croix is a sports media specialist at Huzzah Sports LLC. He is also a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Caio is passionate about local sports because of the aspect of the community that they provide.

Caio is dedicated to Huzzah Sports because it provides real-world experience while allowing him to learn more about digital marketing and maintain his passion for sports. He’s certified in Ad Words, Google Analytics, and all things social media.

Caio lives in Duluth, MN where he likes to frequent breweries and hiking trails with his girlfriend, and dog Fern.

Lindsey Edson
Chief Marketing Officer

Lindsey's Bio
Lindsey is a mission-driven brand storyteller specializing in sports marketing, strategy, digital marketing and social media, helping pioneering brands like Huzzah Sports LLC grow and make a difference in the world. She builds and executes smart campaign strategies and is hyper-focused on growing digital fan engagement, guiding brands as they develop their own unique style, helping them have a great first—and lasting—impression.

She grew up in the Dairy State, attended the U of M, and then moved to NYC, where she lived and worked for six years, earning a world-class education in advertising from some of the biggest agencies in the business. Lindsey gained experience at Target Corporation on a product development team and helped clients in consumer packaged goods and health care industries achieve their digital strategies.

Lindsey embraces the bold North in Duluth, MN and its vibrant arts scene. She’s passionate about design and rescues dogs in her spare time.

Jeff Diamond
Partner / Advisor

Jeff's Bio
Jeff Diamond is a business and sports consultant who also does local and national on-air media work and speaking engagements to various groups (corporate and civic) and at colleges to MBA, Law School and undergraduate classes. He is the former Chairman and CEO of The Ingram Group and prior to that was a successful executive in the National Football League with the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings.

Jeff served as team president and COO of the Tennessee Titans and he had overall responsibility for all areas of the organization. During his tenure with the Titans, the team had an overall record of 56-24, making the playoffs four times in five years (winning two division titles) and won the AFC championship and played in SuperBowl XXXIV.

Prior to joining the Titans, Jeff worked with the Vikings in his native Minnesota, joining the team in the public relations, team operations and stadium marketing and operations areas and rising over the years to the position of senior vice president of football operations where he was the team’s general manager. The Vikings were a playoff team in six of the last seven years that Jeff was with the team in the VP/GM role (overall during his Vikings years, the team won seven division titles, was in the playoffs 14 times and went to one Super Bowl).

Jeff’s expertise in the sports and business world is reflected in his list of clients. He has done corporate sales and marketing work and general consulting with the Nashville Predators (NHL). He also has done consulting and government relations work with the Nashville Sounds (AAA Baseball).

Jeff also does local and national media work (radio, TV and writing including his current work with WCCO Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul for whom he is co-host of The Players Show. He also speaks at college MBA, Law School and undergraduate classes on his NFL and consulting career and the subjects of negotiation, labor relations, management, leadership, sports business and sports management.

David Peteler
Partner / Company Attorney

David's Bio
David, the attorney for Huzzah, is an experienced corporate and finance attorney who enjoys working with entrepreneurial companies to make them successful.

David grew up in Minneapolis, spent time in Michigan, New York, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and a few foreign countries along the way, finally returning home to Minnesota.

David and his wife Deborah are active in an organization that helps Tibetan refugee children in northern India.

When they aren’t working, and sometimes when they are, David and Deborah enjoy spending time in their cabin in northern Minnesota.