Club sports have always been a prominent aspect of my life. From as early as I can remember I have been associated with a local soccer team in some shape or form. Being born in the early 1990’s, I have been fortunate enough to have lived through the early stages of the technological revolution that the world is currently in. I grew up with a land line phone and dial up internet. If I wanted to find out how my favorite team’s game went that day I would either have to tune in to the local news later that night or look in the newspaper the next day.

        Over the past 20 years, technology has evolved exponentially. I am now able to follow my favorite soccer team in England and find out when they score the moment it happens – something that people never thought would be possible. This technology and social media is adopted by popular professional sports teams. However, it is not exclusive to these teams. Even your local bar league team can keep their fans connected with what is happening in a game.

        Engaging with your fanbase is an important component of your team’s success. Today, everyone is incredibly busy, and people always have something going on. Take a look at my life for example. Over the past year I have been taking 18 credits at school, working close to full time hours, and playing soccer for a local team a couple night a week. One thing that I found to be a major challenge was trying to stay connected with my team. With my crazy busy schedule, it was difficult to find time to communicate with my team, and even find times and places to play.

        Fortunately, technology allowed my team to solve this problem. From an “inside the team perspective,” tools like group chat, and snapchat help us to easily communicate with one another. When we try to stay connected with our fans, friends, and family, etc. We take a different approach. Currently we have team pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We use these pages for a variety of things. For example, we recently unveiled our uniforms for the upcoming season. We announced a partnership with our jersey sponsor. We have brief game recaps containing the final score, who scored, and any other notable moments that may have occurred during the game. The page is also used to share posts from the local NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) team, Duluth F.C.

        Having a person from the team run our social media pages provides a few potential challenges. One of the major challenges is updating the pages in a timely manner. This matters because you may have fans of your team who want to know how the game went as soon as it is over. Another problem with this method is that fans of the team may not be able to access the most up to date information because the person running the social media pages is also playing in the game.         I became interested in the Huzzah Sports app because this app helps solves the problems I have previously mentioned. With Huzzah teams are able to post directly to Facebook and Twitter from the app. Teams are able to social cast their games directly to their fans through the app. It allows fans to learn about the players and track their progress throughout the season. To sum it all up, this groundbreaking system allows teams to deepen their fan engagement and develop more relationships with sponsors.