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We use  Huzzah’s proprietary four phased approach:

1. Discovery – This is the audit phase, where Huzzah takes a deep dive into your current position as we seek to understand.
2. Design – After the detail is developed, we design, with your input, a go-to-market strategy.  We also deliver tools & train your team.
3. Implement – Based on your needs and defined by you, we engage more deeply helping you execute.
4. Execute – We deliver sponsor development services and provide resources to supplement your team.


Sponsor Engagement


Based on customized strategy and your team’s  resources, we  coach you through the full fan & sponsor engagement process:

  • Maximize you outreach efforts
  • Grow you properties assets
  • Ensure annual planning complements your event schedule 
  • Develop and execute in-game and cross seasonal social practices 
  • Deliver outbound contact
  • Improve sales skills / performance 
  • Improve recurring sponsor engagement  



Technology & App


We’ve developed partnerships with leading application companies with one target in mind – improving sponsor revenues! 

Partners range from simple in-game graphic development to advanced revenue share solutions.  We’ve vetted their offerings and apply the services customized to your situation. 


 Sign Up for a 30 min. discussion (We promise you’ll learn something of value & we’re pretty sure we will too)

Advanced Sponsor Strategy & Tools

  • Sponsor-focused posts and campaigns
  • Annual planning to maximize revenue 
  • Advanced application use for ongoing revenues
  • Performance analytics measuring sponsor return & value
  • Grow your social media following
  • Increase sponsorship revenue
  • Understand key metrics that drive grassroots engagement
  • Connect with fans on their terms
  • Audit of current position and recommendations
  • Advanced packaged & customized graphics
  • Sponsor engagement packages
  • Advanced sponsor contact solutions 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Huzzah Sports do?

We’re focused on helping grassroots clubs – local soccer, baseball, rugby, hockey, etc. – thrive by growing revenues with sponsor development strategies, execution services and other revenue techniques; and, building a solid social presence that maximises fan engahement. We’re seeing tremendous interest. 

How will I engage with Huzzah Sports?

Huzzah is committed to your club’s success. We’ve found the most effective way is to first have a brief call, usually less than 30 minutes, reviewing your current circumstances. We can pretty quickly assess if moving forward makes sense. With your agreement, we would intitiate Huzzah’s proprietery Sponsor Development Program correctly sized for your needs.

What if my club doesn’t currently have a sponsor revenue strategy?

Well that’s what we’re here for.  We’ll help you quickly identify your value, position and opportunity to engage sponsors. 

How will you work with me if my club has limited resources?

We understand.  We know that some clubs are being run by mom & dad or a single owner. Others might have access to a part time intern or a small team of volunteers.  Larger clubs may be fortunate enough to have full-time staff. Regardless, we’re experts in rightsizing efforts while ensuring your process is streamlined.  We want you to take full advantage of our experience and at your pace.

How do you integrate your partner / app programs?

First, not all apps will fit every club and sometimes using technology to try and improve your position is premature; that’s why we focus first on strategy with an eye on maximizing your resources. Second, after helping you build your strategy and only if it makes sense to leverage specific apps. We make sure that it has value for your club and matches your long teem direction.

What if I’m only using one social media channel or I’m not active on social media?

We recommend developing expertise within each social media platform to maximize fan engagement. As part of our services, we can work with you to develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy.