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 Our proprietary APP exponentially increases the power of social – especially in-game management & postings

Learn how to:

• Create high-quality graphics
• Schedule and publish posts
• Integrate news stories from sources
• Sponsorship Integration
• Live game-day tools

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Coming September 2019

 We are developing the first ever online training program focused on the needs of grassroots teams. 

The Huzzah Training team and its’ partners are working feverishly to complete this groundbreaking effort.

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Advanced Solutions

Growing value for fans, sponsors and players (there the ones who make up any short falls) is the constant challenge that social media managers are tasked to do.


  • Audit your current position helping you understand and close the gap to best practices
  • Provide advanced graphics customized for your team & events
  • Coach you on in-game techniques that puts your fans “in the bleachers” (BTW – The #1 tweet = score – kinda a duh)
  • Help you connect with new sponsors 



**Contact us discuss anything you think you might need help with – related to your team’s social and revenue that is – but not things like walking the dog.

Advanced Social Media Content*

  • Video Graphics Overlay
  • Auto Scoring Camera Configuration
  • Game Time Teams’ Graphics
  • Sponsor and Pre-Prepared Graphics
  • Weather Forecast
  • Prepared Tweets
  • News Stories
  • Social Media Services
  • Auto Post and Scores Configuration
  • Auto Graph Configuration
  • Playing Surface Graphic
  • Events Configuration
  • Angle To Goal
  • Scoring Graphics Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Huzzah’s Thinking Sports App?

Thinking Sports is advanced content management/posting tool that allows Community Managers to generate superior online experiences from their phone. Seamlessly integrated with Facebook & Twitter, Thinking-Sports improves the quality of fan interaction, increasing ticket sales, merchandise purchase while driving sponsorship dollars.

How will I be trained on Huzzah’s Thinking Sports?

Huzzah is committed to your club’s success. Throughout the engagement process the Huzzah team is focused on developing your expertise. First, during the demo process we work closely with you to understand how you’re currently working with your fan base and sponsors. Second, our customer service team, called the Fanatics, work with you to ensure your proficiency. Typically, we train online in three 30-minute sessions. Third, we provide complete access to our library of tutorials and written documentation. Fourth, we assign a Fanatic to your club who is available for your calls and emails.

Will I be able to use / evaluate Thinking Sports before I buy?

Yes. We have several options that we customize for your specific needs.

Do followers need to download thinking sports?

No, your fans and followers will engage with Facebook and Twitter just as they are now. The only difference is they will experience a richer more professional interaction.

How does Thinking Sports Integrate into Social Media Channels?

Thinking sports is a proprietary app that operates as a centralized content creation and management tool. It’s downloaded onto your mobile phone and works with Facebook and Twitter’s API to post directly.

What if I’m only using one social media channel or I’m not active on social media?

We recommend developing expertise within each social media platform to maximize fan engagement. As part of our services, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive social media strategy.

What if I have further questions?

Please fill out the form below or if more convenient for you contact us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll be sure to get back with you right away.